May 18 2015
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What Causes Vascular Birthmarks?

You’ve probably seen many people vascular birthmarks. Although they can appear on a person’s face, they are also often present on other parts of the body.

There are different types of vascular birthmarks as well as a number of ways to treat them, but what actually causes vascular birthmarks?

Many people aren’t aware of the factors that contribute to its occurrence. Knowing the different types of birthmarks and their underlying causes can help you determine the best treatment options available to you.

Understanding Vascular Birthmarks

The size and appearance of birthmarks will vary from person to person. You have likely seen birthmarks that are brown, red, pink, or even blue.

Also referred to as a vascular anomaly, a birthmark is often a harmless occurrence that requires no medical treatment. However in some cases, treatment is necessary for the health of the child.

Vascular birthmarks belong to two categories:

2.Vascular Malformations


Hemangiomas aren’t always visible at the time of birth. They soon develop around the neck and head, but can also develop in other places. Even the internal organs can be affected by hemangiomas.

In most cases, a hemangioma will develop within the first year before regressing. The regression period can vary in duration. It has been shown to last from anywhere between three and ten years.

The majority of cases fully regress by the age of seven. In more serious cases, the birthmark can actually impair hearing, vision, or breathing. This will call for some medical or surgical intervention.

Vascular Malformations

Vascular malformations will continue to grow over time. Like hemangiomas, they are benign.

This birthmark can occur in a variety of ways. Venous malformations are often found around the lips, jaw, and cheeks. They are characterized by a decreased blood flow and are soft.

Lymphatic malformations are a result of high levels of fluid that build up in the vessels. There are injection treatments that are now being used to address lymphatic malformations.

More superficial vascular malformations are often referred to as port wine stains. These are usual red or purple and are usually visible when the child is born. Some doctors use laser therapy to properly treat these birthmarks.

The genetic component has not proven to be conclusive among researchers. Currently, there is no defined cause for vascular birthmarks.

But there are treatments available that include the use of steroids, lasers, radiology, and surgery. These can also be applied in combination for some cases.

Vascular birthmarks occur in many people. In general, their effects are benign. But in more serious cases, they can affect the health of a person and should be treated accordingly.

Knowing what to look for and understanding the two types of vascular birthmarks will help you determine how a given treatment will work. If you’re looking to minimize or erase your birthmarks entirely, contact Fairview Cosmetic Surgery! We’ll walk you through your options and let you know what will provide the best results for your skin.

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