Aug 8 2016
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What Type Of Clothing Is Recommended After An Excessive Sweat Treatment?

Although excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is not a medically serious condition, it can be embarrassing and distressing. For instance, someone with bad palm sweating may be constantly afraid of offering a cold, sweaty handshake or of having their sweat drip onto their work documents or office hardware. Someone with bad armpit sweating faces other problems, such as the embarrassing wet patches on clothes under the arms or the need to change clothes at least once during the day.

Such events can adversely affect one’s social life. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to manage and treat the condition, including lifestyle changes. Generally, lifestyle changes cannot cure the primary cause of excessive sweating, but it can dramatically improve the symptoms and give you a confidence boost.

Dressing to hide the sweat

There are many clothing options that can keep you looking dry. Here are some things to consider regarding your choice of clothing to complement your sweat treatment:

  • Consider wearing dress or armpit shields to absorb the excess sweat and protect your attire. Place a stick-on armpit shield in the underarm of your upper garments, such as dress, blouse, or shirt to avoid the telltale dark circles.
  • The colours you choose can make a huge difference. Pick white or black clothing to reduce the signs of sweating. Generally, very light colors like white and dark colours like black and navy blue don’t show wet stains as much. Blues, grays, and bright colors are the worst when it comes to hiding sweat.
  • Some patterns help to conceal glaring wet spots. For instance, patterns like camo and plaid on dark-coloured clothes can make sweat stains less noticeable.
  • Wear breathable, lightweight fabrics underneath the visible clothing. Consider getting a breathable undershirt that will absorb sweat before it gets to the outer layer of your clothing. Alternatively, you may wear a cardigan or jacket made of a breathable material to help conceal the sweat. Make sure to use thin layers that are appropriate for the season to avoid feeling overheated and making the problem worse.
  • Cotton is king. Besides getting breathable material in the appropriate colours and patterns, it’s important that you buy clothing made from cotton. Cotton soaks up sweat so you feel cool and comfortable, while other materials like polyester and cotton/poly blend trap heat causing you to sweat more.
  • Layer up. No matter the season, layering up can help conceal the appearance of sweat, as the bottom layers (cotton) can absorb any moisture before it reaches the outer layers.

Lastly, don’t wear restrictive clothing in synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester. You can reduce your anxiety by keeping a spare shirt or blouse as a fresh change of clothes when the need arises.

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