Feb 18 2015
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Laser Stretch Mark Treatment in Toronto

Will Gaining Weight Affect my Laser Stretch Mark Treatment?

Excessive weight gain will affect area of the skin treated with laser stretch mark removal. In addition, the extent of the fluctuation in weight is also an important factor, but for many of our clients who lead healthy, balanced lifestyles, minor changes in lifestyle should not affect the appearance of the skin after laser stretch mark treatment.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks develop when weight gain triggers hormonal changes in the skin.

When you put on weight, your body produces elevated doses of glucocorticoids, which tell your skin to make less elastin fibres and collagen. These are two key components to healthy, young looking skin.

When your body grows, the skin tears in certain areas, and after it heals stretch marks will have developed. Initially they’re likely to be red in colour, but will gradually fade into white or silver.

How Do Laser Stretch Mark Treatments Work?

Laser stretch mark treatment works by targeting the stretch marks with a laser.

The laser penetrates the skin more deeply than a topical treatment, disrupting the skin cells that form your stretch marks. Collagen growth is encouraged, and the new skin looks fresher and healthier than before.

Will your Stretch Marks Return with Weight Gain?

Depending on the area treated, the weight won’t be distributed the way it was before.

For example, a woman gains a significant amount of weight quickly during pregnancy, and after regaining her figure, decides to apply laser treatment to the stretch marks on her tummy. Some weight gain will not stretch her abdomen to the degree it was before, so the treatment should not wear off.

Stretch marks from puberty that were treated by laser may not resurface either.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment has a High Success Rate

Generally speaking, minor changes in weight gain is normal for most people. Many of our clients experience seasonal weight gain where they’re usually heavier in the winter and lighter in the summer. Such minor changes in weight are unlikely to lead to the return of stretch marks, as the skin can usually accommodate the fluctuation.

Excess weight gain might lead to new stretch marks emerging, in which case laser can be used to treat the new marks. The newer the wound, the easier it is to treat. Speak to our experts today for more information!

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