Mar 23 2017
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Everything You Need To Know About Skin Tags

Everyone will get a skin tag over the course of their life. If you notice one, do not worry. Skin tags are nothing to fret over. Below, you’ll get everything you need to know about skin tags and skin tag removal.

What are skin tags?

Acrochordons, a.k.a., skin tags, are small bits of hanging skin about two millimetres to one centimetre in diameter (about the size of a grain of rice). It is rare that a skin tag exceeds that range; however, there are some reported that reach up to five centimetres. Skin tags are caused when the skin rubs against itself in areas like the eyelids, armpits, groin folds, neck and under the breasts. You can have one or many skin tags at a time.

Who can get skin tags?

Skin tags affect men and women equally and as aforementioned, everyone will get at least one in their lifetime. However, middle-aged adults who suffer from obesity are more prone to them since they have greater areas on their body where the folds of the skin will rub against each other. Pregnant women and diabetics are also more prone to skin tags because they often carry extra weight.

Are skin tags dangerous?

Fortunately, skin tags are harmless. For the most part, treatment is only necessary if they become irritated by clothing, jewelry or shaving. Because skin tags are benign (even if they become irritated), their removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and may not be covered by your insurance provider. However, they can be unsightly and most people opt to get rid of them.

Skin tag removal: Who can do it?

There are home remedies for skin tag removal but you shouldn’t try any of them unless a doctor gives you the go-ahead. Before considering removing your skin tag, visit your physician or dermatologist. They will be able to assess what level of skin tag removal you need. If the tag is on your eyelid, over-the-counter removal creams will not do the trick, so your doctor/dermatologist will have to remove it for you. Professional skin tag removal can be done through ligation (cutting off the tag’s blood supply), excision, cryosurgery (freezing) or cauterization (burning). None of these methods are harmful and only on rare instances do skin tags grow back once they’ve been professionally removed.

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