Mar 11 2015
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Birth mark removal in Toronto

Easy Ways To Remove A Birthmark

Some of us wear them with pride, while others find them annoying and unsightly.

No, we are not talking about tattoos, but rather birthmarks.

Not everyone is born with these natural, etched-in-skin designs, and no one has yet to determine their cause. Whatever the reason, these marks are found in areas where there is a high concentration of blood vessels.

While completely harmless and very rarely the source of pain, some wearers perceive them as an unattractive burden. They can be found on any region of the body, so sometimes this means in conspicuous places such as the face, arms, stomach, or back.

For people whose birthmarks are located on their scalp, the only time they would ever need to worry is when balding.

Fortunately for those uncomfortable with their beauty marks, a few methods exist for removing your birthmark altogether, or at the very least diminish its overbearing presence.

Oust the mark: making the blemish disappear

Get into the habit of rubbing vitamin E cream onto the birthmark each day. This will increase your skin’s natural pigmentation in the region, and in time may eventually cause it to blend in entirely with the surrounding area.

Topical applications like this are quick, effective, and inexpensive. Just remember to not get discouraged if you do not see results as soon as you may like. The blending process does take some time, but most people do see a dramatic improvement in the color of their birthmarks when sticking to consistent routine.

Lemon juice is another well-known, natural formula. Dab a bit on your birthmark and rub it in thoroughly. In contrast to vitamin E creams, this substance is known best for its bleaching qualities. For skin lightening treatments, few products work better. Olive oil is yet one more home remedy to try.

If none of these methods are doing the trick and/or you are looking for a faster, more permanent solution, pay a visit to your cosmetic surgeon.

Voice your concerns about wanting to get the birthmark removed during the initial consultation, and he or she will likely prescribe you a type of corticosteroid. These medications are highly effective in fading the color and shrinking the size of birthmarks, and have been successfully used by many people.

For more difficult moles or ones that don’t respond well to medications, laser treatment and surgery are also options.

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