Oct 24 2019
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What Are The Benefits to LED Light Therapy?

In the last few years, we’ve been seeing massive technological advancements take place across practically every area of life. From cars to business to the environment to the way we run our homes, there seems to have been no stone left unturned in the effort to find better, faster, and more efficient ways to complete the tasks we need to get completed.

One of the most impressive examples of this incredible surge in the number of technological solutions available is in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Because so much of the research has been going into new ways to prevent ageing and to help people grow older more gracefully, there are a ton of new treatments available that simply weren’t around even a decade ago.

Of all those treatments, today we’re going to put a spotlight on LED light therapy, which offers a huge range of benefits to patients who are keen to take better care of their skin. We’ll be focusing on Omnilux, which is among the biggest and best-known brands in the business.

Conditions That Are Treatable With Omnilux

By far one of the biggest LED light therapy benefits is the potential to treat conditions that proved especially hard to cope with in years past. There’s no better example of such a condition than cystic acne. Normal acne is something most of us will have to cope with at some point or other (particularly during our teenage years), but cystic acne is a different beast altogether, requiring more stringently-controlled treatment methods in order to make the most impact on the problem.

Even though individual cases of cystic acne range from the mild to the very severe, every single one can take advantage of LED light therapy benefits. Some scientific studies have suggested that more than 80% of inflammatory lesions can be cleared up using LED therapies like Omnilux, while a majority of past patients report feeling that their skin has a better, more healthy texture.

Other skin conditions that can avail of LED light therapy benefits are those which we commonly associate with growing older, such as wrinkles on the skin or rosacea. Omnilux can help out here too, just like it can with repairing the damage done by old scars and helping promote better, cleaner healing of wounds.

Shorter Treatment Cycles

Another huge LED light therapy benefit is the fact that by using treatments like Omnilux, you could potentially be saving yourself a ton of time in the long run. Because the kinds of conditions it treats are typically long-lasting and have been built up over many years, with other kinds of therapy it can take similarly long timeframes to fix the issue.

Not so with Omnilux. Of course, repeated treatments are going to be required in order to nail the results you’re really looking to achieve, but the fact that all of these treatments can be generally accounted for in a standard 8-10 week cycle is incredibly impressive. Rather than go through multiple iterations of the same treatment plan without seeing the kinds of improvements you’ve been looking for, with Omnilux you’ll be able to take care of the bulk of your problems within one cycle.

Many patients report seeing brighter, healthier-looking skin as soon as after the very first treatment, You’ll continue to see improvements in your skin even after the procedures stop, as well, so you really should give it a few months between cycles to be able to take advantage of the full range of beneficial effects.

In-Depth Follow-Up Care

As with any medical procedures, follow-up care is a vitally important part of the package offered by treatments like Omnilux. However, unlike the orthodox methods we’ve been used to for the last 50 years or so, LED light therapy offers a huge benefit in that the maintenance plan your physician will prescribe won’t be super in-depth — it won’t even need to be that frequent!

A standard enough follow-up plan for a treatment like Omnilux could require visits as infrequently as every six weeks, although some conditions will require more frequent attention to help ensure you get the results you’re looking for. It’s worth noting as well that the maintenance plan will only be given to you once you’re already happy with the results you’ve seen from the initial burst of treatment, meaning that follow-up care with Omnilux is strictly a way to preserve what you’ve already gained.


Even though LED light therapies are relatively new arrivals on the medical scene, the benefits they’ve already been shown to offer over and above more traditional treatments have attributed to it’s growing popularity in the cosmetic dermatology industry. Not only are they a massive improvement in terms of convenience for the majority of patients, but they also offer more potential to improve and to keep improving in the future, meaning even more conditions will be potentially treatable as time goes on.

Have you still got questions about the benefits offered by LED light therapies? If you do, feel free to get in contact with us here at Fairview Laser Clinic — we’d be delighted to walk you through how the treatment works and how it can benefit your specific needs.

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