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KTP Diode Laser

What It Is

The KTP Diode Laser is one of the most effective green-light laser treatments available as it can specifically target and absorb oxyhemoglobin, which is responsible for the red colour we associate with blood. As a result, the KTP Diode Laser is useful when treating facial veins, birthmarks, port wine stains, spider veins, and age and liver spots. Furthermore, it has the ability to to remove small moles as well as skin tags due to the powerful emitted light that can remove pigmentation associated with these skin conditions. The quick, relatively painless procedure will provide you with excellent results with very minimal downtime.

KTP Diode Laser treatment Toronto

How It Works

Facial redness associated with rosacea, broken capillaries, and port wine stains can be successfully treated with the KTP Diode Laser. The shallow blood vessels are especially attracted to the bright green laser light and they are gently heated to stimulate the body’s natural repair process without causing damage to surrounding tissue and cells. While some smaller blood vessels may disappear on contact, others may take up to 4 weeks to reduce in appearance or require additional sessions to treat.

KTP Diode Laser procedure Toronto

Areas Treated

The KTP Laser is effective for use in many areas of the body, including the face, neck, chest, back, arms, and legs. It’s powerful wavelength emission has the ability to eliminate discoloured cells, age and liver spots, birthmarks, small moles, small skin tags, facial veins, and spider veins without causing thermal damage to surrounding structures, tissue, or cells.


Immediately after the procedure, you will notice an immediate improvement in vessels, and they will continue to gradually improve over the course of 4 to 6 weeks. For patients with several vessels or redness, subsequent treatment sessions will continue to help. Pigmented brown spots may temporarily darken, which can be covered with makeup, and then flake off within a few days or weeks. At your initial consultation, Dr. Jain will go through the full aftercare and recovery instructions to explain what to expect for your results and the days and weeks afterward.


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