Gentlase Alexandrite

What It Is

The Gentlase Alexandrite laser, with its 755nm long pulse, is specifically attracted to the melanin pigmentation in your hair and skin for the effective removal of unwanted hair. The Alexandrite laser is safe for use on all skin types and tones, including dark skin.

How It Works

In Gentlase Alexandrite lasers, an alexandrite gemstone is used to focus the laser beam, creating a light beam of 755nm. This wavelength of emitted light from the Alexandrite Laser is specifically attracted to the melanin in your hair, which will heat and ultimately destroy these cells. Thus, the Alexandrite Laser is an excellent option for laser hair removal.

Compared to other machines working similarly to the Gentlase Alexandrite, this laser has more effective absorption of melanin to create a better energy transfer to effectively eliminate hair follicles for a dramatic reduction in unwanted hair.

Areas Treated

The Gentlase Alexandrite laser’s 755nm long pulse is specifically attracted to the dark melanin pigmentation in your hairto remove unwanted hair almost anywhere on the face and body. This includes the armpits, legs, arms, and bikini area.


Safe and effective for use on all skin and hair types, including darker skin types, the Gentlase Alexandrite laser is considered one of the most efficient lasers on the market. As with all other lasers, it works best with fair and very light skin and has been proven to work effectively on fine, thin hair that many other types of laser are unable to treat. For those with very dark skin tones, the nd:YAG laser may be the best option as it is specifically made for darker skin types, and works effectively for all skin types.

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