Jul 10 2015
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The Surprising Connection between Tattoo-Removal Lasers and Acne Scars

Laser light therapy is something that surgeons and physicians all over the world have taken to for numerous different treatments. Often used on tattoo removals and acne scarring, these laser removals lighten or even rid of scars caused by acne or unsightly tattoos. As of recently, there has been a discovery of a connection between the two.

Tattoo removal procedures using light therapy will actually help get rid of acne scarring. Even though laser light therapy was already being practiced on acne scarring, it was never as effective as it could be. Now, by using the same method of light therapy as used on tattoo removal, acne scars are disappearing more effectively than ever.

About Acne Scarring and Laser Removal

Acne scarring is something that many men and women suffer from. It can often hinder a person’s quality of life, making them embarrassed to face the public and hindering them from normal activity. Fortunately with this new discovery, acne scarring can be greatly minimized or erased completely with the same treatment as tattoo removal.

The study conducted by the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York concluded that after six treatments in the span of a month, drastic improvements were made in well over half of all patients involved. This lead to the patients involved with the study being satisfied with the results in such a minimal period of time.

The removal of the acne scars using tattoo removal techniques is effective in the same manner. As the laser lightens the pigments of the tattoo using a light beam, it does the same to the acne scars. With several treatments, the acne scars are reduced so drastically that they may not even be visible to the naked eye.

Not only did the study conclude that tattoo removal treatments can help with acne scarring, but other health concerns as well. The study of light beams and laser therapy is certainly one that has a lot left to be explored. Most surgeons are familiar with these practices and are aware of the possibilities ahead.

If you suffer from acne scarring, contact us today and ask about the process of tattoo removal techniques used on acne scarring. We will determine whether or not you are a candidate for this light therapy after examining the skin. We may decide that something else might be best, but either way, we’ll make sure that any unwanted acne scars are dealt with!

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