Jun 13 2016
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After Laser Tattoo Removal, Can You Get A New Tattoo?

Maybe you were young and impressionable or it didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted; but, for whatever reason, you’ve had your tattoo removed using a laser. But, you kind of miss having ink in that spot and you have a great idea for a new tattoo. Should you?

How does laser work on tattoo removal?

Depending upon the colour and depth of the ink on your tattoo, it can take anywhere from three to more than 12 sessions to fade or completely eliminate the tattoo using laser. The laser breaks down the pigment in the ink so it can pass through your bloodstream. After having a laser treatment, don’t wear tight clothes in that area and keep out of the sun, pools, saunas, and steam rooms. Don’t take hot baths, either.

If you’re really wanting a new tattoo in the same spot, you’ll have to wait a bit – at least six to eight weeks – to make sure the area has healed properly. There should be no signs of bleeding, infection or scarring. Thin-skinned areas may scar easier than thick-skinned areas. Some people actually have a tattoo removed purposely to have another take its place.

Things to consider

Since the skin where your tattoo has been removed will likely be uneven and more delicate, it’s really important you find an artist who is very experienced, comes highly recommended and perhaps has had a number of clients in the same boat. Ask questions. Ask to see a portfolio of work. A reputable artist will give you the right advice.

Also, because this new tattoo will be in the same spot as the one removed, you may notice the pain more while you’re getting your new ink. Scar tissue sits on nerve endings, so bear that in mind. The location of the tattoo also has something to do with it – it will be more painful on your ribs as opposed to your upper arms, for instance.

So, if you want to get that old (or not so old) tattoo removed, give Fairview Laser clinic a call. They use the Nd-YAG laser. In most instances, a 95 per cent fading may be accomplished. Their expert team will let you know about how many sessions it will take to fade that perhaps not so nice memory!

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