Apr 4 2016
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5 Tips On How To Care For Skin After Laser Tattoo Removal

After completing the laser tattoo removal process, you’ll need to take a proactive role in protecting the skin and ensuring optimal removal results. Proper aftercare helps to prevent infection and to minimize skin texture changes after the procedure. To help guide you during the aftercare process, this post will provide five tips for caring for your skin after laser tattoo removal.

  1. Avoid Physical Activity and Hot Showers for 24 Hours The skin around the target area will be immensely sensitive to temperature changes and require time to heal. This means it’s important to avoid hot showers for at least 24 hours after your procedure. You should also avoid taking on physical activities in the short term to minimize the potential damage to the skin.
  2. Avoid Direct Sun for two Weeks Try to avoid direct sun exposure on the affected areas as much as possible within two weeks of the procedure. Your skin will still not have healed at this point and the sun can damage sensitive skin cells, leaving you vulnerable to painful sunburns. You should also avoid saltwater and pools at this time, to prevent further damage to your skin.
  3. Do Not Pop Blisters It’s likely that blistering will occur at the site of the tattoo removal. Don’t pop these blisters as this could cause infection to spread throughout the removal site. If you do blister, apply one of the topical creams provided by your specialist and continue to maintain the area until the blisters heal naturally.
  4. Take Only Tylenol for Discomfort Tylenol is the only recommended over the counter medication for discomfort after a tattoo removal procedure. Other products such as aspirin and ibuprofen may increase the chances of bleeding at the removal site and may cause swelling during the recovery process.
  5. Do Not Pick at Scabs While scabs might become itchy during the recovery stages of the procedure, it’s important that you don’t pick at the scabs, as this can spread infection and cause further irritation. Try to allow scars to heal and ask your specialist for recommended anti-itch creams if the urge to itch becomes challenging.

By taking these tips into consideration, you can ensure your tattoo removal process is seamlessly completed for outstanding removal results. To learn more on the procedure, speak with our trusted team today.

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