Dec 5 2016
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How Soon After Laser Hair Restoration Can You Bathe?

Hair loss is unfortunately quite common in men and it can affect women too. It can lead to self-esteem issues and prevent you from enjoying life. With laser hair restoration, you can combat hair loss and get your luscious mane back.

How does laser hair restoration work?

Hair growth occurs in three phases: the anagen phase (growing), the telogen phase (resting) and the catagen phase (shedding). When you experience hair loss, it’s generally due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a testosterone derivative found in the skin. With laser hair restoration, low level lasers are used to increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate catagen and telogen follicles leading to the production of anagen hair. The photons of light produced by the low level laser keep the excessive buildup of DHT from impeding hair growth.

How can I take care of my scalp after the procedure?

Your surgeon will probably give you a special lotion that will aid in hair growth. This lotion is usually in the form of a spray to allow you to apply it evenly on your scalp. Your surgeon will give you exact instructions on how to use the spray and how often it should be applied. A few days following your procedure you’ll be able to wash your hair. You’ll notice that some scabbing will occur and by gently washing your hair, you’ll help promote healing and prevent the scabs from damaging the hair follicles that are responsible for new hair growth. You’ll also need to wash your scalp daily with a balanced shampoo to impede scarring.

When can I bathe?

For the first few days following your laser hair procedure, you should hand wash your hair gently in the sink. Only after a few days have passed can you wash your hair as usual under the shower. When you are ready to wash your hair under the shower, make sure the water pressure isn’t too intense. As for bathing, you can bathe anytime; however, do not wash your hair in the bath until your scalp has healed.

It’s very important that you do not pick at the scabs or scratch your head in the weeks following your laser hair restoration procedure. Rubbing and picking will result in the scabs falling off before they have a chance to heal leading to more scabbing and possible infection.

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