Feb 5 2016
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When Can You Shower Normally After Laser Hair Removal?

As laser hair removal becomes increasingly popular, the number of questions and misconceptions about laser hair removal increase in popularity, too. One common question surrounding laser hair removal is, “Can I shower like normal afterwards?”

The answer to this yes and no. It depends on the time frame you are considering and how you normally shower. In this article, we’re going over the details of how to shower after laser hair removal, and how long you should wait to do so.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal (LHR) is a process by which intensely concentrated beams of light are fired with pinpoint accuracy into the roots of follicles. For many people, it is the most efficient method to permanently remove hair.

Because the lasers are so accurate, there’s very little risk involved and minimal aggravation to the skin. Having said that, some patients still do experience some irritation around the area, but this can be exacerbated by certain washing practices.


You should not shower immediately after receiving LHR. The amount of time one should wait varies from patient to patient, and sometimes from doctor to doctor. Generally, however, no doctor will recommend showering within eight hours of the procedure and some may advise abstaining from showering or bathing for up to 48 hours. Even though LHR targets follicles, your skin is still likely to be sensitive for a short period of time, and this may mean that you must temporarily alter your bathing routine.


As a rule of thumb, the colder your shower after LHR, the better. Hot water causes your blood to rise to the skin’s surface which can cause swelling and irritation and reduce the efficacy of LHR. Keeping your first few showers after the procedure to a cool temperature will help your skin.

If you’re somebody who absolutely cannot take a cold shower or bath, it is best to wait two days before getting in the tub.


Another thing to note is that, when in the shower, do not use any abrasive scrubs or loofahs right after LHR. Gentle scrubbing with a loofah can be useful a few days to a week after LHR, but not immediately after. Furthermore, make sure to pat the affected area dry after bathing; do not rub the towel against your skin vigorously. Lastly, using 100% aloe vera on the affected area directly after showering will aide in the skin’s recovery.

Your skincare professional will direct you on exactly what will be best for your skin type during your consultation. Talk to our team today for more information!

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