Mar 19 2015
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Falsies VS Latisse - Fairview Laser Clinic

What Is Safer: One-Time-Use Eyelashes or Latisse?

We all have that one region of our body that we are not satisfied with, that we wish cosmetic intervention could come in and quickly fix. Hair loss and inadequate growth affects millions of people, and can be viewed as a downright curse by those who “suffer” from it.

Are your eyelashes on the thin side?

For most women more so than men, insufficient eyelash volume is a dreaded problem, and thus one that has seen the rise of an entire cosmetic industry dedicated to hair restoration products and services for this specific region of the body.

Perhaps due to mass media depictions of what is considered an attractive or beautiful facial feature, plump, thick eyelashes are highly sought after and the dream of many women. Two solutions exist in this regard, each with its own pros and cons.

Natural growth or synthetic implants?

False eyelashes have been popular for many years, and closely mimic the appearance and feel of the real thing. Improvements in their technology have made these one-time wonders a major trend in the cosmetic beauty industry, with an increasing number of women having them installed.

Contrary to popular belief, false, one-time use eyelashes are not entirely “fake” so to speak, as there are just as many composed of real human hair as synthetic fibers.

Grouped in clustered sections, the strands are glued together and meticulously applied to the patient’s eyelids to achieve the desired effect.

Which type should you choose?

This can be done in multiple, small sections until the fullness factor is achieved, or as one large piece. The latter tend to emphasize the most dramatic appearance. While they look great from an aesthetic perspective, it should be noted that false eyelashes can cause infections and allergic reactions for some people, namely when inserted incorrectly.

Additionally, the glue needed to adhere false lashes is likely to damage your natural eyelashes, furthering the problem you’re trying to hide.

Because most eye infections are so highly contagious, it’s suggested that false lashes are only used once before throwing away, meaning that you don’t only have to worry about the safety of your lashes, but also the well-being of your wallet.

Latisse is the main alternative to one-time use eyelashes, and it differs in one key respect: In contrast to attaching a product, this prescription drug is intended to stimulate natural hair growth (like Rogaine).

It’s a spin-off from the glaucoma treatment medicine Lumigan, and the active ingredient indeed serves its purpose.

This is a more permanent solution and one which eliminates the need for the re-application of a synthetic product. Studies show Latisse typically increases eyelash length and volume by 25% and 100% respectively, and side effects of the product are relatively low. Ask your doctor whether this is a viable treatment method for your thinning eyelashes!

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