Apr 24 2019
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Which Injectable Is Right For Me?

Contrary to popular belief, injectables don’t just treat fine lines and wrinkles. They’re actually a very versatile treatment that can treat and eliminate a variety of skin conditions and other imperfections. The key to getting the best results is knowing what type of injectable to get, as each of them have a specialized purpose and function.

If you’re looking for the right injectable in Toronto, to help get you started we breakdown some of the most popular ones below and what areas they treat.

Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Injectables are most commonly used to tackle pesky fine lines and wrinkles. For an appearance that looks “forever young”, some go-to fillers include Botox, Belotero and Xeomin.

Botox is known for temporarily smoothing out moderate to severe lines including laugh lines, crows feet, and more. When injected into the treatment area, it works by relaxing the muscles that cause the lines to form in the first place. While results vary from person to person, results typically last for up to 4 months before it’s recommended to do another touch up.

Another alternative is the Belotero which is a more natural filler. Made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural compound found within the body, it has the ability to hold up 1000x its weight in water, an effect that helps smooth out and volumize skin. It fills in wrinkles and provides a refreshed and revitalized appearance.

Finally, another patient favourite for eliminating fine lines is Xeomin. While it produces similar results to Botox, it lasts much longer and doesn’t produce the same heavy sensation at the injection site — making the process a lot more comfortable for patients.

Skin Conditions

Injectables do a lot more than just eliminate signs of aging — they can help improve certain skin conditions as well. Cortisone for example, is used to treat a variety of issues including alopecia, keloids, hypertrophic scars and acne. Cortisone injections are made up of compounds naturally found in our bodies, which is why the results produced are so fast acting. The treatment helps dramatically reduce redness and inflammation caused by these conditions and speed up healing to help produce clearer skin faster. While results are dependent on what skin condition it’s being used for, results typically last a couple weeks.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are clusters of blood vessels that develop close to the surface of the skin. They’re typically red, blue or purple in colour, which can make people very self-conscious as they tend to be very visible especially when they’re found on the face and legs. Thankfully it can easily be treated using Sclerotherapy, a highly effective treatment that helps reduce and eliminate spider veins altogether. The treatment itself involves injecting the spider vein directly which will irritate the vein and redirect the blood, encouraging it to function properly. Sclerotherapy also helps treat symptoms associated with spider veins including aches and pains, swelling and cramps. Depending on the scale of work being done, patients typically require multiple sessions but can start to see noticeably visible results 3-6 weeks following treatment.

Results That Plump and Volumize

For those looking to get some years back, the Radiesse injection helps plump and volumize treatment areas by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. Results can last for quite some time but that also depends on the treatment area. For example, for areas of the face that don’t require a lot of muscle movement (i.e. cheeks), results can last for a long time, while other areas that are constantly moving like the mouth, typically require more frequent touch-ups. The injection includes tiny microscopic calcium-based microspheres (Calcium Hydroxyapatite) which nicely fill in the folds of wrinkles and fine lines around the face, to help give off a more youthful appearance. Over time the microspheres breakdown and are naturally absorbed by the body.

If you’re still trying to figure out which injectable is right for you, contact Fairview Laser Clinic today for a consultation. Dr. Padma Jain will go over your skin concerns as well as skin goals and direct you towards the best course of treatment. Your dream of achieving flawless skin is just one appointment away!

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