Apr 23 2019
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Yellow laser treatment Toronto

What Are The Benefits Of Yellow Laser Treatments?

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, laser treatments are all the rage! In order to achieve flawless skin, many people are opting for this groundbreaking technology to help clear up and heal even the toughest skin conditions. A popular laser treatment amongst many patients is the Yellow Laser, an effective noninvasive procedure that promises to restore and bring your skin back to life. But that’s not the only reason why patients are rushing to book their appointment.

Here are the top five benefits of Yellow Laser:

It’s A Versatile Treatment

The Yellow Laser treatment is an impressive laser technology that can help treat multiple skin conditions, especially ones that can’t be treated with regular over-the-counter creams and treatments. It’s best for those who suffer from acne, melasma, vascular lesions, unwanted blood vessels, skin redness, and skin sensitivity.

To find out if the Yellow Laser treatment is right for you, book a consultation with Fairview Laser Clinic today. Dr. Padma Jain will sit down with you and go over your skin concerns, what your desired results are and assess whether or not this procedure is the best course of treatment for you.

It’s A Safe Treatment

One of the best things about Yellow Laser is it’s completely safe and gentle on the skin. The targeted laser light only treats the areas you want without damaging the surrounding skin, tissue or cells. And since it has an ideal wavelength of 577nm, it’s a highly effective treatment that doesn’t run the risk of burning the skin.

During the treatment itself, patients report feeling a tingly or prickly sensation but the procedure is still very tolerable. Even patients with a low pain threshold are able to tolerate it but have the option to put a numbing or topical anesthetic cream to eliminate that sensation completely. Once the treatment is done, patients may experience some swelling or redness but those symptoms subside significantly after the first hour.

Works On Multiple Skin Tones

In the early days of laser treatments, many of them would only cater to those with lighter skin tones, really limiting the range of patients that they were able to treat. However, thanks to the advancement of laser technology over the last couple years, lasers including the Yellow Laser can cater to multiple skin tones, including those with darker skin.

Minimal Downtime

Like some of the most popular noninvasive treatments available on the market today, the Yellow Laser treatment is a relatively quick session lasting anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Immediately after each session, the patient’s face will look flushed and pink for up to an hour post-treatment — symptoms that will subside within a few hours. If that’s the case, patients are welcome to reapply makeup after treatment to minimize the rosyness of their face and go on with their day as normal.

Impressive Results

The Yellow Laser wouldn’t have the reputation that it has without the incredible results that it promises. After their treatment, patients typically see a clearer, firmer and healthier looking complexion. To help maintain those results, it’s highly recommended that patients purchase packages of at least 3-6 treatments as results are gradual and tend to improve with each session. Depending on the skin condition that’s being treated, patients may require multiple sessions in order to achieve the flawless skin they’re looking for.

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