Jun 14 2017
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4 Foods That Trigger Rosacea

Rosacea is a very common skin condition that results in a red face, particularly on the central face and across the cheeks, nose and forehead. Other common symptoms of rosacea include visible blood vessels and acne-like breakouts.

There is no cure for rosacea — it is all about managing the symptoms. There are certain triggers that can cause rosacea to flare. Some of these triggers include certain activities (exercise and saunas), weather conditions (hot and cold weather), emotions (stress and anxiety) as well as a certain skin products, medications and health conditions. Diet also plays an important role in the management of rosacea, with many different foods and drinks known to be common triggers.

Note that not everyone has the same triggers, but taking steps to avoid them where appropriate (the exception being exercise), plays an important role in managing rosacea.

Foods That Trigger Rosacea:

  1. Alcohol: Alcohol is a very common trigger for rosacea and it is best to avoid it altogether or to minimize it as much as possible in order to avoid a very red face. Red wine is a particularly common trigger.
  2. Spicy Foods: You will want to avoid things like curry, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes and salsa. For those who enjoy spicy foods, you can also try to substitute spicy flavours with other strong flavours and/or try to minimize the level of spice in a dish as much as possible.
  3. Hot Foods And Drinks (Temperature-Wise): Foods and drinks that are hot in terms of temperature are also a common trigger for rosacea as the warm temperatures cause blood vessels to dilate and release heat, which then causes redness.
    This trigger may be more difficult to deal with in colder months when you are used to eating hot foods, but it is best to allow your food and drinks to cool down a bit before consuming them. In the summer, swap hot beverages for iced versions.
  4. Dairy: Dairy is another food-related trigger for many people. This includes everything from milk to cheese to yogurt to sour cream. The great thing about this trigger is that there are great non-dairy substitutes on the market today, all of which are healthier and more delicious than the real thing.

Rosacea Treatment

If you suspect you are suffering from rosacea, it is important to visit your dermatologist.

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