Apr 16 2014
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What Will A Chemical Peel Treatment Do To My Skin?

The chemical peel speeds up the natural process of skin shedding. There are different types of chemical peels, all of which are applied in controlled amounts for specific times to control how deeply the chemicals will go. Chemical peels affect a variety of skin imperfections that sit on the surface of the skin. The end result is returning your skin to before it was scarred, in addition to smoothing wrinkles.

How does skin removal work?

Skin is formed in layers. Fresh, new skin cells sit at the very bottom and push their way up. Above the newer skin cells is older ones that have scars and other imperfections. As the new cells make their way to the surface, older ones slough away. At the very surface, you’ll have a rough mix of very old cells at a different levels.

The idea behind a chemical peel is similar in some ways to exfoliation. Both aim to remove the old cells. Instead of manually scrubbing them off, a chemical peel relies on chemicals to loosen the top layers. The depth of penetration is easily controlled by using a certain concentration at prescribed periods. Afterwards, the old skin washes off easily, exposing an even layer of fresh skin.

What are the types of peels?

  • Glycolic acid peel: this peel works by weakening the bonds between layers of skin. The acid peel may take a few treatments before the desired effect is achieved.
  • Alpha-hydroxy acid peel: these peels can be sold over-the-counter or administered by a skilled practitioner. It has a less noticeable effect than the glycolic acid peel.
  • Phenol peel: This is a very strong version, and it’s known as a deep peel. The procedure doesn’t take long, but that’s because the chemical used works quickly and deeply.
  • Trichloroacetic acid peel: this peel falls somewhere in the middle in terms of healing time and effects. It can remove fine wrinkles, and it’s particularly suitable for clients with darker skin tone.

Side Effects From Chemical Peels

The side effects are varying degrees of skin redness. In addition, immediately after the treatment, you will have exposed and somewhat sensitive skin initially. The fresh skin will adapt very quickly, and it will become strong enough for daily life. For the Trichloroacetic acid peel, you’re expected to wear sunscreen regularly.

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