Nov 18 2014
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Melasma treatment in Toronto

How to Treat Melasma

Melasma is a skin pigmentation condition that occurs when hormones are imbalanced, like during pregnancy, hormone treatments, or period of great stress.

It usually appears as bits of brown, tan, or gray skin along the face, neck, arms and chest.

Melasma isn’t harmful or contagious, but it is aesthetically unpleasant and causes distress for those who suffer from it. Here are a few different ways you can treat melisma:

Treat it from the Inside

Since Melasma is caused by a disruption of chemicals within your body, the first place to go when you’re looking to rid yourself of this skin disorder is to the centre of yourself: your mind.

Try picking up a new hobby to help you rid your body of unwanted and unnecessary stress. Practicing reading or meditation is a great way to calm your mind.

Alternatively, try light exercise like hiking or yoga to rid your body of stress while toning some crucial muscles. Once you learn how to control your stress level and emotional flair-ups, you’ll be better equipped to prevent future break-outs.

Treat it from the Outside

Find yourself a cream or lotion that contains hydroquinone, a topical ointment that slightly bleaches the skin to get it to lighten.

Hydroquinone blocks your skin from creating melanin, the compound that makes your skin coloured in the first place. Or, you can purchase a cream that contains melaplex or vitamin A. Melaplex is a skin brightener that is easier on the skin than hydroquinone. Vitamin A speeds up cell development so that old, coloured cells are replaced with newer, younger, lighter-coloured skin cells.

These lotions are sold over-the-counter at any pharmacy.

Have someone treat it for you

If you’re tried to treat your Melasma through meditation, exercise, creams, and good care but still haven’t been successful, you could see a medical professional and look into getting a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Chemical peels are a very effective way to rid the skin of old, darkened cells and promote new growth. A chemical peel can take years off your face within hours and re-balance the colour scheme of your skin.

Another option is to have laser treatments, which specifically target the coloured area of your skin instead of working the whole thing. Chemical peels and laser treatments are inexpensive and incredibly effective for treating skin disorders and they don’t have the weeks or months of healing time that traditional plastic surgery has.

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