Nov 27 2014
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Tattoo removal in Toronto

Tips to Cover Tattoos

These days, it’s becoming more common to have a tattoo than to not have one. From hand-drawn art to commemorating a lost one to proclaiming a loved one, tattoos vary in size, shape, and meaning.

Some meanings remain more relevant than others, and some tattoos (while a good idea at the time) are no longer desired and can become sources of stress and embarrassment.

Here are some tips on how to cover up the tattoos you don’t want anybody to see:

High-quality and high-coverage makeup

If you want to cover your tattoo for a short period of time (like for a job interview or a black tie affair), you can purchase thick foundation to cover it up. Choose carefully: it’s easy to make the mistake of buying cover-up that’s too pale, too dark, or too orange, which can stand out just as much as the tattoo.

Allow extra time for it to dry and cover with a powder so you don’t get any transfer on your clothes.

Sephora and MAC both carry lines specifically for tattoo coverage, so explore your options and use in-store testing samples before purchasing so you’re confident that the product will work with your skin type and tone.

Strategic clothing

After make-up, the next best thing is to cover your tattoos with clothing.

You can wear conservative clothing for body tattoos, or purchase skin-coloured sleeves to wear over any ink exposed on arms or legs.

The cheapest and easiest way to get cover sleeves is to purchase them online. They come in a few different sizes for both men and women and work moderately well to cover your body art.

Tattoo cover-ups

If you’re unhappy with the look or the subject of your current tattoo, it is possible to cover your existing ink with another, more appropriate tattoo. Replace the art that brings up bad memories with something that conjures happier thoughts!

Even if you’re unsure of what you could get that would replace your current blunder, you can consult with a tattoo artist for their opinion. They’ll be likely to have many ideas and can make your already existing art into something quite magnificent.

Tattoo removal surgery

The only permanent solution to get rid of a tattoo is through surgery. Once you’re sure you want to get rid of your body art, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic plastic surgery clinic to have them remove the ink with lasers.

This technology has become so advance that once complete, you’ll barely see any evidence of a tattoo or the surgery. You can free yourself from old memories and start fresh with a body that’s good as new.

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