Jul 3 2014
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Tattoo removal in Toronto

Think Before You Ink!

Tattoos are very popular, because having a beautiful, meaningful design permanently inked onto your skin can be a fantastic means of self-expression.

However, many people regret their ink as they age, and go to great lengths to cover up their tattoos. Tattoos may become obsolete, such as Johnny Depp’s now-infamous “Winona Forever”. Tattoos may even be misspelled, such as Rhianna’s “forgiveness” which was misspelled in Sanskrit.

Regretted tattoos can be concealed under clothing, covered up with more ink, or even removed with laser technology. This tattoo removal technology is very effective, but of course it is preferable to ensure you get a tattoo you will love forever.

Do some research

Make sure you get the tattoo you really want, rather than making a hasty choice in the tattoo parlour. Choose a design which symbolizes something meaningful for you. You could ask the tattoo artist for advice, too.

Research extends to the tattoo artist and tattoo parlour. There are many reputable tattoo artists, so don’t just choose the first you find. Make sure all the equipment is sterile and the place is clean.

Avoid names

Having your loved one’s name tattooed may be a romantic gesture, but think carefully before deciding. What will happen if you break up? If you definitely want to celebrate your love, consider choosing a design which symbolizes your relationship, instead of a name. This will be easier to live with if the relationship ends–and will require less explanation to your next partner!

Don’t drink and ink

It may seem obvious advice, but do not get a tattoo if you have been drinking. Your judgement will be impaired, even if your courage is increased. A worst case scenario is not even remembering getting the tattoo!

Consider your lifestyle

Colourful tattoos may look wonderful, but they may not be appropriate in the boardroom. If you are pursuing a career where body art is frowned upon, make sure you can conceal your tattoo under your clothes.

Ink location

It’s not a good idea to get facial and neck tattoos unless you are sure that your future prospects won’t be affected – and even if they won’t, you are likely to be regarded with suspicion by police and at airports.

Future weight fluctuations

Weight gain will make the skin stretch, distorting the tattoo. Take this into account when deciding on the location of your tattoo.

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