Jan 14 2015
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Photo Rejuvenation in Toronto

Are The Results Of Photo Rejuvenation LimeLight Permanent?

If you struggle with uneven skin pigmentation, whether it be from rosacea or sun spots, and have been looking for a treatment, you may have stumbled across LimeLight photo rejuvenation therapy.

LimeLight photo rejuvenation treatments get many rave reviews from clients for a few key reasons:

  1. The treatments are very fast
  2. The treatment is not very invasive, making for a short recovery time
  3. The side effects are very minimal
  4. Only a few treatments are usually necessary
  5. Results are typically long lasting

So what exactly is LimeLight photo rejuvenation?

LimeLight photo rejuvenation is a light-based treatment used to eliminate sun damage, dark spots from aging, and redness.

It works by penetrating the skin, but doesn’t cause any visible wounding to the skin which makes it a less-invasive alternative to chemical peels.

The device used during LimeLight facials actually produces a wavelength of light absorbed by red blood cells and melanin which is why the after-effect is much more even, brighter skin.

Procedures take less than an hour, require no anesthesia, and the only side-effect is usually a bit of redness which rapidly fades after the procedure.

How many limelight treatments will I need?

Unlike some laser and chemical treatments which require the patient to return every few weeks for follow up procedures, one LimeLight photo rejuvenation treatment is often enough to get the job done.

In extreme cases where skin damage is very significant, up to three may be necessary.

Will the results of my treatment kick in immediately?

Most patients see the majority of their results a week or so after their treatment. Once three weeks have passed, all or most of the darkened spots should flake off and fade, and the overall complexion will have greatly improved.

Results also depend on where the procedure was targeted. For instance, legs and arms will take longer to heal than the face.

Are the results permanent?

The results of LimeLight Photo Rejuvenation Therapy are much longer lasting than many alternatives. After a dark spot is removed via limelight treatment, it’s very unlikely that it will reappear.

That being said, LimeLight Therapy cannot cure existing conditions like rosacea, or pre-emptively prevent future sun damage. This means that even though the elimination of your existing dark spots or blotches will be more or less permanent, new spots can arise.

That said, if you protect your skin and treat it well after you LimeLight Therapy you can expect very long-lasting results!

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