Aug 12 2014
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Botox treatment in Toronto

Am I Too Old for Botox?

Botox is a one-of-a-kind treatment that targets muscles in your face to erase lines and wrinkles.

And it’s one the Toronto cosmetic dermatology, experts here at Fairview Laser get a lot of questions about its use.

The fact is that age isn’t a major barrier to Botox. A much more important factor is what your overall level of health is – something our doctors discuss with you during your assessment.

Botox is actually one of the most popular procedures done on those over the age of 55. The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons has found that in this demographic Botox is the most common minimally-invasive procedure, and makes up about one-quarter of all treatments.

Other factors that can affect the success of Botox is the condition of the problematic facial lines you want to remove. Lines that have been long etched in the skin can be a bit too problematic for Botox alone to eliminate. Botox works best targeting – and improving the look of – more early or shallow facial lines.

For more etched-in wrinkles, such as those that emerge when you smile or frown, there is another treatment you should consider as a prelude to Botox. For these wrinkles, the affected area should first be treated with a soft-tissue filler or a chemical peel – two services the experts here at Fairview provide and can discuss with you.

After these deep-set wrinkles are taken care of with these simple skin therapies, you can then talk to the Toronto Botox experts at our clinic about having a Botox treatment. This will help make sure that those wrinkles stay gone for good and don’t re-emerge and add unwanted lines to your face!

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