Mar 7 2014
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Latisse in Toronto

How Does Latisse Work on Eyelashes?

In the world of thinning hair or hair loss, not a lot of thought is given to the eyelashes. Naturally, the top of the head receives the most attention and rightfully so, but thinning eyelashes can cause quite a lot of discomfort and embarrassment.

There is a medical condition known as “hypotrichosis” where the lashes just don’t grow the way they should, but luckily there is also a treatment that helps to correct the problem.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription topical solution that is designed to increase the fullness, length and darkness of the eyelashes of people with hypotrichosis. Latisse has been proven safe and effective and is a common treatment when doctors are faced with patients suffering from hypotrichosis.

How It Works

Latisse is typically applied to the lashes two times per day as instructed, showing gradual and noticeable improvement. Usually, increases in length are the first thing you’ll notice, then the lashes will appear fuller and darker. It takes up to 16 weeks to realize the full effect of the treatment, and even if you see great results after eight weeks, the full protocol should be followed. After the 16 week point, you can talk to your doctor about what kind of schedule is best to keep up the results.

Potential Issues

Latisse is a safe and effective treatment for your eyelashes, but it isn’t completely without side effects or potential issues. If you currently take prescription medication for eye pressure conditions such as glaucoma, your doctor will have to be more involved with your Latisse treatment than normal. Latisse has the potential to encourage hair growth wherever it touches on a consistent basis, so it’s wise to use caution and only apply the product on the upper lashes, as directed.

Some of the possible side effects from using Latisse include itchy eyes or red eyes, but these conditions are usually mild and don’t last. Dry eyes and darkening of the skin on the eyelids from excess melanin is also possible. If you stop using the product suddenly after you’ve achieved positive results, your eyelashes will go back to their original condition from before you started the treatment.

The positive feedback from Latisse has outweighed any negative feedback by a wide margin, so if you have a problem with thinning eyelashes and aren’t sure what to do, come in for a consultation. Your eyelash problems are almost over!

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