Jun 17 2015
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Laser Tattoo Removal Healing Process

We all make mistakes. For some of us those mistakes involve getting a bad tattoo. If you have body art that you need eliminated from your skin, laser removal is the way to go. The healing process for tattoo laser removal may seem like a complicated one but rest assured, it is not.

There are different types of lasers used to remove body ink. At the Fairview Laser Clinic, we use the Nd-YAG laser. Essentially the laser breaks up your pigment allowing it to redistribute the tattoo’s ink into your blood stream so it can be eliminated through your pores. It is not dangerous and most people experience only minimal pain. Many patients say that the pain is comparable to accidentally getting bacon grease on your arm. You should be prepared for it to sting slightly, but it is goes away quickly.

Healing and recovery times will vary depending on your skin. Normally, it will take five or more treatments to remove a tattoo. This gives your body a leg up on the healing process and a chance to fully recover. During each session, your treated skin will turn a shade of white, but this will fade and is no cause for alarm.

Shortly following your treatment, your skin will peel and blisters will form. These will fade in about a week. If you have sensitive skin, it could take longer for the blisters to disappear but unless they last for more than 30 days, you shouldn’t be concerned. The peeling and blistering is your body’s way of recovering. Light bleeding is also common and as long as you don’t scratch or pick at the areas, you will not delay the healing process.

Several days after your laser removal, your body will start to get back to normal. The physical effects will subside as your body gets rid of the ink. If this was your first treatment, you will need to return in about six weeks for another session. Six weeks is the general waiting time between procedures but depending on your body, you may need to wait longer.

Scarring can occur but when it does, it is usually very light and can be lessened with vitamin E. To give your immune system a boost and reduce the chance of scarring, stay hydrated during your post-tattoo removal time. Rest helps too, so make sure you get adequate nightly sleep and if possible, remain smoke-free. Nicotine gets in the way while your body is trying to fix itself after a procedure such as laser tattoo removal. It’s better to stop smoking than to have your body stop trying to heal.

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