Sep 3 2014
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Keloids treatment in Toronto

What Are Keloids and How Can They Be Removed?

Keloids are a common skin issue that can result from a number of different causes. If you are beginning to develop keloids, you might be wondering what the best options for treatment are.

Understanding how to identify keloids, their common causes, and what to do about them, will help you address them quickly for best results.

Where Keloids Appear

Keloids can appear on a number of areas throughout the face and body. The following are some of the most common areas presented for treatment:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back

In general, areas of the skin that have been exposed to injury such as blisters, trauma, or acne can develop keloids. If you’ve undergone surgery or piercings, then you may also increase the likelihood of developing keloids on these areas.

When incisions are made into the skin, scar tissue can continue to grow over time even after the healing process has completed.

Identifying Keloids

Knowing how to identify keloids will help you determine the best solution. Many people mistake traditional scars as being keloids.

One of the best ways to be sure whether you are experiencing the development of keloids is by observing the growth and size of scar tissue. If scar tissue continues to grow beyond a normal size, then it’s likely developing into a keloid.

Some people experience symptoms such as itching or pain. These can indicate the presence of keloids, along with a texture that is smooth and shiny relative to traditional scars. Consulting with a medical expert will help you confirm the presence of keloids.

Keloid Treatments

Keloids can be permanent, and should therefore be treated using the best option for your particular case. The following are some of the most effective treatment options available:

  • Cortisone injections
  • Laser treatments
  • Surgery

Using cortisone will reduce the size of keloids, which will usually be applied in a series of treatments. Raised keloids are first removed before being treated with the cortisone injection.

Laser treatments are an effective method for removing the scar tissue. In addition, using this method will prevent the formation of additional tissue, and has provided great results for many patients.

Surgery can also be performed to remove keloids. This method requires a high level of care in order to prevent new scar tissue development from additional incisions.

Different treatment methods of treatment can also be combined in more challenging cases. Depending on your unique needs, this may be an effective treatment approach for you to take.

Keloid formation from skin trauma can be problematic for many patients. The best approach is to address it early in order to ensure that you get the best results from your treatment options. By knowing how to recognize keloids early, you’ll ensure that you can effectively treat and remove them with the help of an expert.

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