Aug 26 2014
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Tattoo removal in Toronto

What Colour Tattoos Work Best for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Perhaps it’s something you had done during one of the brasher moments of your youth. Or maybe you had it etched into your body during a time when your emotions – especially those about someone in a relationship – were different, but now they’ve changed and you’re left with an unwanted reminder of something you want to put behind you.

Whatever the motivation, we here at Fairview can help you when it comes to pressing the ‘undo’ button on a since-regretted tattoo. Our Toronto tattoo removal experts use a laser to erase the ink-on-skin markings in what is a relatively straightforward procedure.

We’ve performed countless tattoo removals using what’s known as the Nd-YAG laser in treatments that rarely take more than five minutes and feel no more painful than if a rubber band was being snapped against your skin.

However, as we will explain during our tattoo-removal consultation with you, some ink colours are easier to erase than others.

Tattoo removal works best with ink colours that are in dark and in colour tones different than that of your skin. Conversely, there are some colours that are a bit trickier to remove, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be removed or virtually erased through laser tattoo removal.

These colours include:

  • Flesh-toned tattoos (such as permanent makeup tattoos)
  • Tattoos in lighter colours
  • Tattoo markings using vibrant or exotic colours and pastels, especially those that used fluorescent inks

The general rule of thumb is that the closer a tattoo colour is to your skin tone, the more complex the removal procedure will be. But just because the removal is complex doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The only way to know what will and won’t work is to ask a professional about the level of difficult in removing your tattoo, as each piece of art is different.

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