We live in a wonderful age full of cosmetic techniques and procedures that will roll back the clock when it comes to the impact of aging on your skin. At Fairview, our Toronto dermatology experts can guide you and help you find solutions tailored to your needs!

031-300x148Here are five ways to make your skin appear younger than its real age:

    1. Relax neck muscles

One of the many unwanted side effects of aging can be unsightly enlarged and protruding muscles in your neck. They look like tight, thick cords and will even pull down on your facial muscles. But you don’t need to break out the turtleneck sweaters to hide these unwanted blemished – they can be treated with a simple Botox procedure.

    1. Even out your skin tone

Over time our faces take on damage from the sun and what’s known as hyperpigmentation. This can cause unwanted discolouration – but there is a solution. Using a modern chemical peel you can easily even out your facial colours.

    1. Stamp out spider veins

Otherwise known as varicose veins, these unwanted blemishes in your leg don’t have to last long. Without going into details, the spider veins and their root cause – leaky blood vessels – can be erased or virtually removed through a sclerotherapy procedure. This procedure is straightforward and it won’t be long before you – and others – are marvelling at your new-look legs.

    1. Say goodbye to wrinkles

Lines, creases, crow’s feet, wrinkles. Whatever you call them, these unwanted additions to the face that result from aging don’t have to be permanent. A Botox treatment here at Fairview will brush away these unwanted lines that crop up around your eyes or mouth! Even better, the procedure is minimally invasive and has results no one can dispute.

    1. Refresh your jaw lines

As it ages, skin can lose volume and start to sag. This can be especially noticeable in your cheeks, lips and jawline. Fortunately, this process can be reversed through the use of what’s known as a Juvederm dermal filler. This solution will use a sugar found within your own body to bring back lost volume and even wipe away lines and wrinkles.

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