Nov 12 2014
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How to get thicker eyelashes - Fairview laser clinic

How can you get Thicker Eyelashes?

Women have a lot of discreet tips to help them look their ultimate best. From high-heels to control-top pantyhose to push-up bras to hairspray, we’re always looking for the next short cut to help us look like superstars.

Nothing helps to open up the eyes as well as mascara, but applying the same cosmetics every day can get boring. There are a few different options on the market and you can go for one, two, or even all of them at the same time if you like.

Regardless of your preference on layering products, here are a few different options on how to get longer, thicker eyelashes:

Upgrade Your Mascara

If you’re bored with how you look when you glance in the mirror, give yourself a mascara upgrade!

There are many options out there, from mascaras that coat your lashes for an extra thickening effect, to ones that can almost double your lashes in length. Ask a professional and treat yourself to a good quality product!

Keep in mind that your eyes are a very sensitive area, so you should replace your mascara every three months to avoid contamination and the spread of germs.

Fake It!

When all else fails, fake it. You can have false lashes fitted to your eyes to rock them on a night out on the town!

A good set of fake lashes can completely transform your appearance by opening up your eyes and framing your face. The only downside is they are a bit time consuming and the adhesive used can damage the lash, so they should be reserved for special occasions.

Many celebrities have openly proclaimed their love of falsies and once you try it we’re sure you will, too!

Start from the Root

Latisse, a prescribed topical treatment for the absence of eyelash growth, is a long-term solution for barely-there lashes. It is a safe and effective treatment, applied to the eyes twice a day. Within eight weeks you will see results as the new lashes begin to grow in longer and thicker than ever before. After a few months you’ll have forgotten what it was like to want thicker lashes in the first place!

Do it in your Sleep

If you can’t get a prescription for Latisse, you can find over-the-counter topical creams, plumping serums or nighttime treatments. These, though less effective than Latisse, will strengthen the eyelashes themselves to prevent breaking and further damage. As well, they provide the body with much-needed amino acids that aid in the promotion of new hair growth around the eyes.

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