Jan 28 2016
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CO2 Lasers And Acne Scars Treatment

Can CO2 Lasers Help With Acne Scars?

Thousands of people suffer, or have suffered in the past, from acne. The condition is often painful and embarrassing, but people with the skin disorder are far from being alone.

Unfortunately for many, even after acne has cleared up, unsightly scars are left behind as what can seem like a permanent reminder of the condition.

Despite the dozens of cosmetic products on the market that claim to get rid of acne scars, few of them actually lead to positive results, and the ones that do typically take years of regular usage.

Luckily, there are other options beyond resigning oneself to a lifetime of acne scars or investing your life savings in expensive creams. One of these options is a CO2 laser treatment.

What are CO2 laser treatments?

CO2 laser treatments are exactly what they sound like – a cosmetic procedure using a carbon dioxide laser. This treatment is often used to minimize the appearance of raised birthmarks, moles, sun damaged skin, and of course, acne scarring.

The procedure works by removing the top layer of skin, in a way that’s less invasive than surgery. The laser also works by exposing and heating deep layers of skin, encouraging the production of collagen protein. This helps to repair damaged skin.

Will I see immediate results?

Although CO2 lasers are a much gentler procedure than surgery, there is still some recovery time involved, generally lasting between ten days and three weeks.

During this period, the patient is advised to clean the treated area at least three times a day with cool water and saline, after which a special ointment will be applied. This after care is to prevent the formation of scabs.

After the scabs have peeled, most patients will still notice a pink to red colour in the skin. This is nothing to worry about, and will typically fade after a couple months.

In the most extreme cases, pinkness might last for around six months, but most patients find that with oil-free makeup, it is virtually unnoticeable.

Will the results be permanent?

Due to the nature of CO2 laser treatment, which essentially eliminates the affected skin area, the results of erased acne scars are permanent. That being said, CO2 lasers can’t prevent the return of future acne, which could potentially cause new scars.

To avoid this, many doctors recommend that patients take low dose antibiotics after their CO2 laser treatments to help prevent future acne outbreaks. This will ensure that your skin continues to be clear and unscarred!

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