Nov 3 2014
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Best Foods to Avoid Acne

Acne is one those awkward phases that we all have to pass through at some point in our lives, usually in our early teens. Unfortunately, due to genetics, environment, and stress level, some people have a worse time than others.

If you went through a rough battle with acne and have lived to tell the tale, scar treatment is available as a means to erase the bumps and pock marks that remain, but that won’t prevent future acne from arising.

Since you are what you eat, food is the first step to cleaning out your body to have a smooth system on the inside as well as on the out. Here are some of the best foods you can eat to help prevent future breakouts.


Not only is avocado incredibly delicious, it’s also very good for your skin and your hair. This fruit is rich in both vitamins E and C and helps to naturally moisturize the skin and increase its vitality.


Seafood like Salmon and Mackerel is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation in our bodies. This inflammation triggers cells to clog pores, creating pimples on the surface of the face.

Alfalfa Sprouts

These are a great little addition to any sandwich, salad, pasta, or stir-fry. Basically, you can put alfalfa in or on just about anything! Fresh sprouts like these contain live enzymes that give your body tons of nutrients and help prevent inflammation of the skin and internal organs.


Broccoli is a superfood that contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It contains many anti-oxidants that attach themselves to free radicals in your body to rid yourself of nasty toxins. Without these poisons in your body you significantly reduce the chances of your skin erupting in acne outbreaks.


Garlic is the automatic illness prevention go-to for many different cultures around the world, and for good reason. It contains a high amount of the chemical allicin, which kill off harmful bacteria in your body that cause illnesses. A healthy body on the inside means a clear and healthy complexion.


As a general rule, root veggies with a strong flavour like garlic, ginger, and turmeric are all very good for your health. Fennel is no exception to that rule and is an ideal choice for a natural skin cleanser. Fennel helps with digestion, swelling, water absorption, and is a great aid in removing toxins from your body.

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