Jul 15 2014
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Acne treatment in Toronto

5 Surprising Acne Treatments That You May Not Know

Acne can affect anyone at any time, though it’s more prevalent during puberty. Unwanted flare ups can be extremely distressing, leading to a loss of confidence.

The pustules and pimples are caused by a blockage in the tiny hair follicles which cover the face. In healthy skin, a natural substance known as sebum travels out of the hair follicles, removing dead skin cells. Sebum then becomes part of the protective layer on the skin, preventing harmful bacteria entering skin cells. But if the hair follicles are blocked, sebum cannot remove the dead cells. They are trapped with bacteria under the skin, and can lead to inflammation and acne. Too much sebum can also cause acne.

There are several successful acne treatments available. Their effectiveness depends on your unique skin condition, therefore the most effective acne treatments must be individualized by your dermatologist.

There are a variety of acne treatments, however, which you may be surprised to learn about.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is proven to successfully treat acne. Lasers direct targeted beams of light energy under the skin, causing micro wounds which promote the natural healing process, creating more collagen and elastin. Laser therapy can also heal acne scars.

The type of laser treatment recommended depends on the type and severity of acne. For example, diode lasers can remove damaged sebaceous glands which produce the excess sebum.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy is often combined with pulsed light treatments. This therapy destroys the acne-causing bacteria trapped under the skin, and also reduces the sebaceous glands so less sebum is produced.


Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of skin cells by directing tiny particles of aluminum oxide onto the skin, essentially resurfacing the skin and promoting the creation of new, healthy skin cells. This process reduces or removes acne scars.

Other therapies are less plausible:

Cell salt therapy

Dr. Scheussler developed cell salt therapy in 19th century Germany after concluding that human bodies are comprised of only 12 mineral compounds. He believed that a deficiency of one such compound – calcium sulfate – causes acne, and prescribed pills containing minute traces of calcium sulfate.

There is no scientific proof that cell salt therapy cures acne.

Homemade topical acne cures

Homemade cures may work for some people, but again there is no scientific verification. Popular cures include:

  • Applying honey to the face and leaving it on overnight.
  • Applying garlic paste to the face
  • Applying raw eggs to the face.
  • Wiping your face with lemon slices.

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