Jun 24 2015
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Strawberry Birthmark Toronto

Myths about Strawberry Birthmarks

Strawberry birthmarks are shrouded in myth. There are numerous tall tales and folklore stories associated with them that it’s no wonder people don’t understand exactly what they are.

Let’s explore the following myths to help us separate fact from fiction. When it comes to strawberry birthmarks, the truth is far from scary.

Myth: Strawberry birthmarks are just moles.

The medical term for this kind of blemish is capillary haemangioma, and they are not just moles. They are made up of a tumour of dilated blood vessels that rest in the upper-most layers of your skin.

Myth: Strawberry birthmarks are tumours?!? They must be deadly.

Actually, no. The tumours that make up these skin abrasions are non-cancerous. In severe cases when the mark extends profoundly into the skin, you can have it removed through plastic surgery.

Myth: Strawberry birthmarks are different colours.

Although birthmarks are found in a variety of colours like black, purple, white and pink, only the red ones are considered strawberry marks.

Myth: Strawberry birthmarks stay with you forever.

Usually, this type of skin nevus fades over time. In most cases, by the time you reach nine years old, they’re completely gone. If a child still has a very visible strawberry birthmark before they enter their teens, there are treatments available such as steroid injections, cryotherapy, plastic surgery or laser removal.

Myth: Pressing a cold spoon onto the area will help it go away completely.

This rumored method is as ineffective as you’d expect. This is an old wives-tale that has no basis. You can, however, try gently kneading the mark to make it fade more quickly. Though, this only works on some children and it’s best to let these marks be and allow them vanish on their own.

Myth: All babies are born with strawberry birthmarks.

This is not true. Only one in 10 babies are born with this type of skin nevus.

Myth: My great-grandmother says strawberry birthmarks are caused when a baby is given improper nutrients.

While you may not want to disagree with your great-grandmother, it’s for your own benefit that you understand the true cause of strawberry birthmarks. The scientific explanation for these birthmarks is that they actually occur in the womb as small vein,s and capillaries collect under your baby’s skin. Doctors are still looking for the root causes of strawberry birthmarks but it’s safe to say that ghosts have nothing to do with it.

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