Mar 26 2015
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Can CO2 Lasers Remove Moles?

Unlike other skin blemishes, moles are not too forgiving when it comes to removal. Until now, there have not been that many options available to patients outside of cauterization and surgical intervention.

While these do come with high levels of success, the excision process can be discomforting and sometimes painful for those who decide to choose one of these methods.

So what are the alternatives? And do they have as much success as other methods?

Laser removal and moles: what you need to know

Although mole removal is classified as an outpatient procedure that requires just a bit of local anesthesia to perform, some patients have seen the development of post-operational scarring. This is particularly true when the mole is larger in size and/or has roots that bury deep beneath the skin.

An alternative way to deal with smaller and more manageable moles, also referred to as nevi, is by using laser treatments to remove their pigmentation. Along with being quicker and equally effective, the possibility for scarring is very low.

How the process works

The first step in removing moles via CO2 lasers is to apply a localized anesthetic; this numbs the surrounding skin so as to prevent the patient from feeling any pain.

Once done, the laser is activated and concentrated on the mole site. The pigment is slowly excised, and then dissolved naturally by the body.

After this has been completed, the mole turns into a scab and eventually dies off. It’s normal to see a darkening of the region for a few days following the procedure, and patients are advised to keep sunlight contact to a bare minimum for approximately five to six weeks.

All told, the risk of post-scarring is only 1%, which is far lower than cauterization and invasive surgical operations. Generally speaking, the pain level of laser mole removal lies on the low end of the spectrum, but you can always ask your doctor for more anesthetic if this is a major concern.

Another main advantage of choosing laser surgery is the ultra-low risk of infection that occurs from these operations. In addition, the flexibility of the technology means it can remove moles located in difficult areas, such as the face and nose. Multiple sessions may be required depending on the number of moles and their composition. Book a consultation with your doctor to discuss price and options available for mole removal!

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