Loss of Hair

What It Is

Whether it occurs on a long term or short term basis, hair loss affects more than 100 million men and women. You may notice that your hair is thinning all over, or your hair part is getting wider and wider. While there’s no single cause for hair loss, it can be triggered by a range of factors such as medical conditions, stress, and lifestyle factors such as your diet. Your genetics can also play a role. If you notice thinning hair or an unusual amount of hair loss, speak to your primary health practitioner to find out if you will benefit from hair restoration and hair therapy.

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Hair loss can occur in a variety of patterns and forms. While some forms of hair loss are temporary, others come on suddenly (which normally causes bald patches), while others occur gradually (which can lead to thinning). To ensure that the most beneficial hair loss treatment is used, it is important to properly evaluate your particular case of hair loss.

How It’s Treated

The treatment of hair loss and hair restoration is highly dependent on each client’s individual case . At Fairview Laser, you will receive a private consultation with Dr. Jain and your case will be assessed and a treatment plan will be recommended to best suit your personal needs.

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Laser Treatments

  • Low Level Laser (LLL) Therapy – Hair restoration is performed using Low Level Laser (LLL) for alopecia and thin hair in men and women, which is a non-invasive painless procedure. The LLL is the most advanced clinical device for hair restoration available in the market. The laser treatment works by increasing circulation to hair follicles, which makes the hair stronger, thicker and fuller.

Non-Laser Treatments

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – This is a treatment that utilizes the blood of a patient to regenerate the scalp tissue and can work to reactivate hair growth. PRP is injected directly into the scalp with a very fine needle, where proteins will naturally begin the process of hair restoration. The hair will become denser and healthier as a result.


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