Feb 20 2017
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Thinking Of Getting A Chemical Peel? Here Are Six Things You Need To Know

A chemical peel can improve the appearance of the skin, face, neck and even hands. It’s one of the best exfoliating techniques available and will leave you with fresher, more youthful looking skin. A chemical peel is comprised of a safe chemical solution that when applied to the skin allows old skin to peel off and new regenerated skin to emerge. If you’re thinking of getting a chemical peel, there are six things you need to know:

  1. How do they help? Chemical peels are incredibly effective at treating everything from acne scars to aging skin that needs a boost. If you have crow’s feet, wrinkles or sun damaged skin, a chemical peel can prove helpful by deeply exfoliating your skin, allowing new skin to emerge. Additionally, chemical peels can also treat sagging skin by promoting skin elasticity.
  2. How many types of chemical peels are there? There are three types of chemical peels:
    • Superficial or lunchtime peel: This is a gentler peel that only penetrates the outer layer of skin. Superficial peels are generally done to fix mild skin discolouration and rough skin and can also be done on the hands, chest and neck.
    • Medium peel: This type of chemical peel is done to infiltrate the outer and middle layers of skin. Medium peels remove damaged skin cells to reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, light acne scarring and moderate skin discolouration.
    • Deep peel: This is a more advanced chemical peel because it deeply penetrates the middle layer of skin and removes damaged cells. If you have age spots, shallow scars, lines and freckles, a deep chemical peel will correct these.
  3. Do they hurt? Chemical peels are not painful even though chemicals are applied to the skin. These chemicals are harsh enough to remove blemishes but not that harsh that they will hurt you. However, you will feel a slight sting during the procedure.
  4. What are the side effects? After having a chemical peel done your skin will be red. As your skin adjusts, there will also be some crusting and irritation, but that will fade in time. Your doctor can prescribe creams or gels that will reduce these side effects. Your skin will also be sensitive to sun after a chemical peel. Wear a hat and sunscreen when you go outside to keep sun exposure to a minimum. Your doctor will tell you which sunscreen to use since your face will be delicate immediately following your peel.
  5. How long until I see the results? For superficial peels the results start to show after about a week while medium peels take about two weeks. Deep peels take about two to three weeks to heal.
  6. Am I a good candidate for a chemical peel? The state of your skin will be a factor in determining if you are a good candidate for a chemical peel. Generally, the procedure is most effective on people that are light-haired and fair-skinned. If you are nursing or pregnant you will have to wait before having a chemical peel. Also, if you are a smoker, you will need to quit before your peel and remain smoke-free while you heal.

Chemical peels are perfect for those looking to rejuvenate their skin. Contact us for more information.

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