Feb 19 2016
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Will Exercising After Botox Reduce The Results?

Botox has increased significantly in popularity over the past decade. The reasons for this are extensive, but one major cause is the ease with which it is applied and the lack of recovery period required. This makes Botox injection an incredibly convenient way for people to improve their looks to something with which they are more comfortable.

However, some people take this too far and try to do too much after treatment. One thing many people want to know after the procedure is: can I exercise after a Botox injection?


Botox treatment works by injecting botulinum toxin into the face which paralyses facial muscles in order to prevent the development of wrinkles. This can help patients look as young as they feel, restoring a rejuvenated appearance to faces with fine lines. It’s a very safe and quick procedure, however, as with all procedures, there can be complications and a certain amount of aftercare is necessary.


Most doctors do not allow their patients to exercise after Botox treatment. The general recommended waiting period is at least 24 hours. If you generally work out every day, it is best to exercise before your treatment (though not right before; your blood pressure will likely be high which can increase swelling).

Blood circulation

The main reason you can’t work out after Botox treatment has to do with blood circulation. Have you ever looked in the mirror after an exercise session and noticed that your face is all red and flushed? This is because your work out has got your blood pumping and it’s moving all around your body, including your face.

This is good for your heart, your muscles, and your skin, but it’s not good right after a Botox treatment. The increased blood circulation means your blood might sweep some of the botulinum away from the injection site. This can reduce the effects of the treatment and possibly affect a different part of your face than was intended. This is why most medical practitioners instruct their patients to refrain from exercise for at least 24 hours after injection.

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