Oct 18 2019
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What Laser Is Best For Acne Scar Removal

For those who struggle with acne, it can take a huge hit on their self confidence. Even once they’re all treated and cleared away, many people struggle with their complexion thanks to the acne scars that are left behind — playing a stark reminder of the skincare struggles they used to have. While some scars can be small and nearly invisible, others may struggle with bigger and deeper acne scars that stand out on the skin.

Those who struggle with this are undeniably hit with a double whammy — dealing with the struggles of acne and then the scarring as a result of them. While it can make a great impact on someone’s self esteem, luckily there are options that can dramatically improve the results of scarring and get you back to the smooth complexion that you once had. Laser treatments have been proven very successful in this department and continue to grow in popularity amongst those who suffer from it. If this is something you’re currently considering, here’s everything you need to know about lasers and which ones work best for acne scarring and skin rejuvenation. Let’s go!

The Benefits Of Laser

If you’re someone who’s struggling with acne, lasers can be an effective solution for you. Every laser is slightly different and specialize in a particular technique but generally speaking, lasers are very effective when it comes to resurfacing the skin and helping it rebound from its current state. It uses focused light therapy to either stimulate the production of new skin cells to repair the damaged ones, or works by completely resurfacing the outer layer of the skin’s surface to help reveal the healthy complexion underneath. In addition to acne scars, laser treatments are very multipurpose and effective when treating other issues such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and more traumatic scars. So while you may be getting treated for acne scarring, you can get the added benefits of everything else that laser has to offer.

Types of Lasers

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a number of laser treatments in the market but here are some of the most effective ones as offered by Fairview Laser Clinic in Toronto.

Smooth Beam Laser

The Smoothbeam Laser combines two elements into the treatment that help make it very effective. The laser helps stimulate collagen production under the surface of the skin, forcing the deeper layers of the skin to renew itself while its patented Dynamic Cooling Devices also spray the skin with cryogran throughout the treatment simultaneously to help cool and protect the top layer of your complexion.

This hot and cold effect helps protect the outermost layers of the skin, while the heated portion of the treatment stimulates repair where scars have appeared. This process allows for scars to be repaired from the inside, out and restore the lost volume in those areas.

CO2 Sharplan C40 Laser

When you’re looking for an effective laser treatment, you want to make sure you invest in a solid resurfacing treatment like the C02 Sharplan C40 Laser which is highly effective at rejuvenating the surface of the skin. It works by eliminating old and dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin through emitting light pulses on targeted treatment areas. This method helps trigger collagen production which not only helps even out your skin tone and enhance the brightness of your face, but minimize the look of scars and make them look virtually invisible.

CO2 Fractionated Laser

Depending on the severity of acne that you had, some acne scars run deeper than others and for those who deal with much more serious scarring, the Fractionated Laser is one of the industry’s top lasers for handling some of the biggest scars including surgical and traumatic ones. It works by fractionating the light beam of the laser into thousands of tiny shafts of light which penetrate deep into the skin, sending a signal that triggers the skin’s repair process. Once the body hits repair-mode, it won’t take long before you start seeing the smooth, clear skin results you’re looking for. The best part? The Fractionated Laser, being as sophisticated as it is, has the longest wavelength in the industry, making it effective on all skin types including those with darker skin tones.

VBeam Perfacta

Acne scars can take shape in many different ways, and in some cases can also be associated with skin redness. To help even out your skin tone, the VBean Perfacta delivers intense pulses of light to the skin that specifically targets blood vessels that cause them to break down. The body then absorbs these heated blood vessels and eliminate them through natural healing and reveal brighter, rejuvenated skin. While the laser itself is quite intense, it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t damage any of the surrounding skin cells outside your targeted treatment areas. While it’s a highly effective procedure, it is limited in its use as it only works best on lighter skin types. Those who have a darker complexion are better off in investing in other resurfacing treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion.


Much like the acne itself, acne scarring will vary from person to person. When it comes to treating it, the best laser for you will depend on the severity of your case and the type of results you’re looking to achieve. Looking to restore your complexion? Book a consultation with Dr. Padma Jain of Fairview Laser Clinic today, who will use her 25 years of experience to advise what the best course of action is for you. So come 2020, you can start the year flawlessly — with flawlessly, clear skin that is!

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