Sep 26 2016
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Will Juvederm Treatment Help Make Acne Scars Vanish?

Everyone is prone to acne scarring. But when it comes to treatment, there is no one-size-fits all since all skins are different. Juvederm, Restylane and other hyaluronic acid fillers are known to successfully treat acne scars for some people.

Actually, many people turn to fillers for the treatment of deeper scarring with great results. But for shallow surface irregularities, it is recommended that you consider laser treatment and/or micro-needling or skin resurfacing. That said, patients commonly require some components of both for best results.

Causes of acne scars

Pimple inflammation breakouts harm both the skin and the tissue underneath it. When these pimples clear, the body attempts to fix the damage caused by acne. During the repair process, the body produces collagen. If the collagen produced is excess, it causes a scar to form at the site. The type of scar formed essentially depends on the amount of collagen produced and may include:

  • Raised pimple inflammation scars – Formed when the body releases excess collagen in an attempt to recuperate the skin. This causes a scar to form in a raised position at the top of the pimple. Such raised skin inflammation scars are more common among people who have skin of colour, like Asians, Hispanics and those of African descent.
  • Discouraged pimple inflammation scars: If the body produces very little collagen, on the other hand, pits tend to form as the skin recuperates.

The best way to treat these acne scars is by allowing the body to follow its natural process, perhaps with the help of natural remedies that have no side effects.

What to expect from Juvederm

Acne scar treatments usually don’t solve the problem after the first treatment. With Juvederm, you inject the filler in different areas of your face in order to make the scars less visible.

When injecting your acne scars, it helps if you first do some subcision with the needle in order to free up adhesions and create a small pocket for the filler. Doing this eliminates the risk of getting a “doughnut effect” – filler lows around the scar that make the scar appear to be sunken.

Final note

The best way to eliminate acne scars is by treating any existing acne effectively. Standard over-the-counter treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acid prove to be effective for about 50 per cent of people with mild to moderate acne.

A good skin care system can also prevent more acne and subsequent irritation and scarring. So, avoid using irritating scarring facial washes or harsh bar soaps on your face, washing too often or using pore-clogging (comedogenic) products to keep your skin hydrated.

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