Jun 24 2019
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Smoothbeam treatment Toronto

How Can Smoothbeam Improve My Acne?

The Smoothbeam Laser is the leading line of treatment for patients who are suffering from severe acne and related scarring. Our expert technicians at Fairview Laser Clinic believe in the technology’s ability to improve the look of skin and restore it to its healthiest state. Our goal is to help our patients gain their confidence back and feel good in their skin.

How It Works

A relatively quick and painless procedure, the Smoothbeam Laser for acne reduction allows for patients to see results within just a couple of treatments.

The Smoothbeam Laser’s unique combination of heating and cooling techniques will assist in rejuvenating the look of your skin. The heat from bursts of laser light acts to stimulate the reproduction of collagen in the deepest layers of the skin, while a proprietary Dynamic Cooling Device simultaneously protects its surface. Ultimately, this method allows for acne scarring to be filled out from the inside by building up the lost volume of pockmarks found on the skin.

Additionally, the laser can assist in preventing future acne breakouts by targeting the sebaceous glands in your skin. Acne develops when oils, known as sebum, from this particular gland mix with dead skin cells and other debris to clog pores. The Smoothbeam Laser alters the sebaceous glands to produce less sebum, which reduces the number of clogged pores. Eventually, this will result in the reduction of acne inflammation and breakouts.

At Fairview Laser Clinic, we can use the Smoothbeam Laser for acne located anywhere on the skin. The areas targeted most often by our patients are the face and back. Since it is a non-ablative laser treatment, there is no cutting, burning or removing of the skin’s surface involved, making it the perfect treatment option for anyone who may have sensitive skin.

Expected Results

The extent of the results patients see with the Smoothbeam Laser for acne depends on a variety of factors including age, skin type and condition. However, patients are likely to notice a significant reduction in the amount of acne on their skin after just a few treatments. The skin will gradually rebuild, give you a healthier, smoother look with time.

It is recommended that patients who are using the Smoothbeam Laser for acne to undergo multiple treatments in order to maintain the skin’s collagen production and the diminishment of sebum. Generally, four to six treatments, spaced three to five weeks apart, will be required in order to see the desired results. After completing these initial treatments, a maintenance program is suggested with semi-frequent treatments to keep acne from returning.

The results of the Smoothbeam Laser for acne can last between twelve months and up to around three or four years, depending on your skin type.

If your acne is making you self conscious and lowering your self-esteem, Smoothbeam Laser is for you! Find out more about the treatment process and care guidelines by booking a consultation with one of our expert technicians. Call today for clear skin tomorrow!

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