Dec 1 2018
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How Can I Treat Acne Scars?

After a acne breakout, acne scars are often the byproduct. If blemishes are popped or picked at, it can lead to additional damage on the skin and thus, leave a scar as a result. Unfortunately, acne scars can still develop regardless of how careful you may be with handling your skin. Cystic breakouts, as well as inflamed blemishes, are the most likely to leave a scar behind, although for some skin tones, even small breakouts can lead to scaring.

Acne scars can come in a variety of forms:

Post Inflammatory Pigmentation: This flat discolouration is very common and usually appears as brown, purple, or red spots on the skin. These scars can take a long time to disappear on its own.

Pitted, Depressed, or Atrophic Scars: These scars are indented below the rest of the surrounding skin and appear most commonly on the face. They happen as a result of tissue loss or a lack of collagen production during the skin’s healing process.

Raised Scars, Keloids, or Hypertrophic Scars: These scars can occur when the body produces too much collagen when the skin is healing, which results in a raised appearance.

How Can I Remove Acne Scars?

There are many treatments available on the market today to treat acne scars. Here at Fairview Laser, a combination of lasers, chemical peels, and light treatments can be used to eliminate discolouration and promote collagen production to result on smoother, more radiant skin. To see which treatment option would work best for you, book your free consultation with Dr. Padma Jain in the comfort and privacy of our office.

Laser Treatments

Smoothbeam Laser: Non-invasive yet effective, the Smoothbeam laser is a laser the boosts the body’s natural production of collagen to produce a complexion that is more rejuvenated and smooth in appearance. Laser light technology is used to direct heat towards the skin, which promotes collagen production in the treatment area. Over time, this will assist in the reduction of pitted scarring.

CO2 Laser: This laser is utilized on a wide variety of scarring to precisely remove damaged layers of the skin. It works to repair the layers of skin on the surface as well as deep within the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen. This will help strengthen the structure of the skin

Fractionated Laser: Powerful laser light penetrates deeply into the skin’s layers, which creates tiny, microscopic wounds. This will trigger the body’s natural repair process and thus, push out the damaged skin, replacing it with newer skin cells. This laser treatment is fantastic for improving the texture of your skin and creating a softer, smoother appearance.

The VBeam Laser is particularly effective for targeting the red marks that are characteristic of post-inflammatory pigmentation. The VBeam Laser is particularly attracted to the red pigmentation in this type of scarring and can also be used to remove other small, superficial capillaries and vessels near the surface of the skin.

Chemical Peels

The TCA Peel is a medium-strength chemical peel that exfoliates the skin, renewing the treated area by allowing new skin to come to the surface. This peel is safe for use on all skin types and tones, including darker skin tones, and has the ability to correct pigmentation and discolouration associated with acne scarring.

Fairview Laser offers effective laser and non-laser options for the treatment of acne scars. Depending on your skin and its condition, one patient may fare well with a non-laser treatment alone while others may benefit greatly from the combination of both laser and non-laser acne removal options. During your free consultation with Dr. Jain in the comfort and privacy of the Fairview Laser offices, your unique skin condition will be carefully assessed before treatments are recommended to help you achieve your desired results.

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