May 11 2015
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Common Acne Mistakes

Common Acne Mistakes

Acne is a common occurrence in almost every young adult’s life. But it can also continue into adulthood, causing many to feel embarrassed and frustrated in their attempts to eliminate the problem.

For teenagers and adults alike, the urge to get rid of acne can cause them to make some common mistakes. These can make matters worse and, in some cases, lead to damage that can only be reversed by the help of your dermatologist or cosmetic surgery professional.

The following are some of the most common acne mistakes that you should avoid.

Using the Wrong Products

If you don’t determine the underlying cause of your acne, it can be difficult to know what products will work best.

Some people use popular products that contain salicylic acid. But this can be too much for some people’s skin to handle. In addition, they might use more than one wrong product each day.

Find a gentle cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin and test them one at a time to know which ones will work and which one’s won’t. Using multiple washes or cleansers throughout the week will make it impossible to know which ones are and aren’t working for you.

Not Moisturizing

One of the biggest mistakes in skin-care is the failure to moisturize. Many people forget that their skin needs moisture at all times. Also, different weather conditions will affect the moisture level of the skin.

When the skin becomes too dry, it will increase its production of oil to compensate. This can make your skin oilier than usual and lead to acne breakouts.

Find a moisturizing product that is labeled as “non-comedogenic” to avoid this issue.

Not Changing Your Products

Some products may work for you at one time, only to stop working at another. As you grow older, so does the integrity and needs of your skin.

Products like benzoyl peroxide are useful in the early stages of acne. But as time goes by, you may benefit more from using other products such as retinol, which can prevent acne and signs of aging.

Being Impatient With Treatments

Your skin will respond to treatments over time. Expecting immediate results is a common acne mistake that keeps people from ever seeing improvement in the long run.

Acne and other skin conditions need to go through the healing process. This can range from anywhere between six to twelve weeks, depending on the condition and other factors.

When trying a new product, allow for at least one month to begin seeing any improvements. In some cases, your skin may appear to get worse shortly after beginning treatment. This is normal as there is an adjustment period. However if you’re experiencing symptoms similar to allergic reactions, stop use immediately.

Consulting with your dermatologist or doctor will ensure that you have the information you need to know about what you should expect with certain acne treatments. If you suffer from acne scarring, you should contact us here at Fairview Cosmetic Surgery to understand the best options for treatment.

Avoiding these common acne mistakes will lead you towards better looking skin without the frustration of using countless products that may not be right for you. You’ll save time in the long run and have healthier looking skin that lasts!

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