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CO2 laser treatment in Toronto
Mar 26 ,2015

Can CO2 Lasers Remove Moles?

Posted by : Admin in Cosmetic FAQs

Unlike other skin blemishes, moles are not too forgiving when it comes to removal. Until now, there have not been...

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Falsies VS Latisse - Fairview Laser Clinic
Mar 19 ,2015

What Is Safer: One-Time-Use Eyelashes or Latisse?

Posted by : Admin in Hair Restoration

We all have that one region of our body that we are not satisfied with, that we wish cosmetic intervention...

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Birth mark removal in Toronto
Mar 11 ,2015

Easy Ways To Remove A Birthmark

Posted by : Admin in Skin Tags

Some of us wear them with pride, while others find them annoying and unsightly. No, we are not talking about...

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Hair restoration treatment in Toronto
Mar 05 ,2015

3 Ways To Restore Your Hair

Posted by : Admin in Hair Restoration

The hair loss and restoration industry was catapulted with the craze of Rogaine and similar prescription and over the counter...

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