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Chemical peels in Toronto
Feb 25 ,2015

Can I Tan after a Chemical Peel?

Posted by : Admin in Cosmetic Procedures

Patients should wait for skin to recover before resuming regular tanning after getting a chemical peel. The time needed for...

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Laser Stretch Mark Treatment in Toronto
Feb 18 ,2015

Will Gaining Weight Affect my Laser Stretch Mark Treatment?

Posted by : Admin in Stretch Mark Removal

Excessive weight gain will affect area of the skin treated with laser stretch mark removal. In addition, the extent of...

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Identifying Cancerous Moles - Fairview laser clinic
Feb 10 ,2015

How do I know if my Moles are Cancerous?

Posted by : Admin in Cosmetic FAQs

While it’s true that moles can be an indicator of cancerous growth, not all moles are bad for you. In...

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CO2 treatment in Toronto
Feb 04 ,2015

Four Benefits of CO2 Lasers

Posted by : Admin in Cosmetic Procedures

Different types of lasers are currently used in medical and cosmetic procedures, so it’s understandable that patients want to know...

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