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Hair restoration treatment in Toronto
Dec 28 ,2014

3 Reasons Laser Hair Restoration Increases Confidence

Posted by : Admin in Hair Restoration

Hair loss in any pattern is noticeable and difficult to hide, yet millions of men and women have to face...

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Stretch mark removal treatment in Toronto
Dec 23 ,2014

Successful ways to Remove Stretch Marks

Posted by : Admin in Stretch Mark Removal

There are various over-the-counter creams and lotions that claim to naturally reduce stretch marks with the assistance of topically applied...

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Skin tags treatment in Toronto
Dec 16 ,2014

What do Skin Tags say about my Health?

Posted by : Admin in Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign skin growths and aren’t generally associated with problematic symptoms, so simply removing the tag is the...

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KPT vs Nd YAG Lasers - Fairview laser clinic
Dec 08 ,2014

What’s the difference between KTP Laser and Nd YAG Laser?

Posted by : Admin in KTP & Nd-YAG Laser

Lasers are commonly used in cosmetic and medical procedures in part because of their ability to be able to target...

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