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  • CO2 Sharplan C40 Laser
  • CO2 Fractionated Laser
  • VBeam Perfacta (Candela)
  • Medlite3
  • Gentlase Alexandrite (Candela)
  • KTP Diode Laser
  • Smoothbeam (Candela)
  • Tripollar RF
  • Blue U (DUSA)
  • Omnilux
  • MD Peel Microdermabrasion


Non Laser Cyst Removal

A cyst is a collection of fluid under the skin formed by a collection of sebum. Cysts require excision which is performed personally by Dr. Padma Jain. The healing time is 7 to 10 days. For further information or appointment please contact clinic at 416-495-8547.

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Non Laser Excessive Sweating Treatment (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive sweating, referred to in medical terms as ‘hyperhidrosis’, is a condition affecting the underarms, palms, feet and face areas. This condition is not dangerous but has the potential to be quite embarrassing. It can be treated with Botox and medication. At our cl...

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Non Laser Leg Vein Treatment (Sclerotherapy)

Leg Vein treatment is performed by sclerotherapy. It infuses hypertonic saline (“sugar solution”) in the vein using a small needle. This clogs the veins causing a mild bruising and heals within 10 to 12 days, at which time the veins have disappeared. After treatmen...

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Non Laser Lipoma Removal

Lipoma is collection of fat which is localized in any part of the body. They are not harmful, but do not look aesthetically pleasing. They can be removed easily by excision under local anesthesia. This is a one-time treatment which takes 1 week to 10 days to heal. For fur...

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