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  • CO2 Sharplan C40 Laser
  • CO2 Fractionated Laser
  • VBeam Perfacta (Candela)
  • Medlite3
  • Gentlase Alexandrite (Candela)
  • KTP Diode Laser
  • Smoothbeam (Candela)
  • Tripollar RF
  • Blue U (DUSA)
  • Omnilux
  • MD Peel Microdermabrasion


Laser Freckle Treatment

Freckles are pigmented spots “Sun Spots” formed by exposure to the sun. Freckles can be light to dark and varying in sizes. Most freckles occur on the face, arms, back, neck and chest. These are non-malignant legions that are not harmful but are aesthetically unp...

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Laser Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is performed using Low Level Laser (LLL) for alopecia and thin hair in men and women. It is noninvasive painless procedure. It is the most advanced clinical device for hair restoration available in the market. LLL treatment works by increasing circulation to...

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Laser Hair Removal

At Fairview Laser Clinic, laser hair removing is performed using the gold standard Alexandrite Laser equipment. The procedure is personally performed by Dr. Padma Jain. The laser hair removal is available for both women and men for all skin types. For further informati...

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Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Restoration is a non-surgical option for fighting hair loss and thinning hair. It is also an effective tool for restoring thicker and healthier hair in men and women. The low level laser device (650nm 5mw), Sunetic Model G Clinical Laser System works on the princ...

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