Body Contouring by Fat Freezing

What It Is

Body contouring through the process of fat freezing is a state of the art non-invasive treatment that freezes stubborn fat deposits, which is then eliminated naturally from the body. This treatment requires no incisions, very minimal downtime, and specifically targets fat cells that diet and exercise cannot eliminate as effectively.

Fat freezing is not a weight loss solution for those who are obese, however can produce results similar to liposuction without requiring any incisions. The ideal candidate for this procedure is close to or at their ideal body weight and have bulges in localized areas that they would like to get rid of. At your consultation with Dr. Jain, she will work one-on-one with you to help determine if this procedure is right for you.

How It Works

The process of body contouring through fat freezing happens by cryolipolysis, which is the crystallization and freezing of fat cells in a localized area, which is then naturally eliminated by the body. Controlled, targeted cooling will be administered to the treatment area to target the fat cells under the surface of the skin. This will significantly reduce the size of fat cells and will not damage or disturb surrounding tissue, cells, or structures. The treatment administration takes approximately 1 hour to complete and for optimal results, patients are usually required to undergo between 1 to 3 sessions, depending on their needs and desired results.

Areas Treated

Fat Freezing works best in areas of the body with pinchable bulges of fat deposits. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen area, upper arms, love handles, back, and the outer thighs. These areas of the body are of particular trouble for many patients and are difficult to eliminate with normal diet and exercise.


The non-invasive fat freezing body contouring treatment will allow you to resume your normal activities straight away, meaning you can return to work on the same day. Some patients do notice a slight fat reduction after their first visit, and results will continue to improve over the course of several weeks. Slight bruising in the treatment area is common for a few days or weeks, and will normally resolve on its own. Full results from the treatment are usually noticeable within 13 weeks. Results are not immediate because the body takes this amount of time to naturally eliminate the fat cells, and the best results will be experienced 3 months after your session. The body will continue to eliminate the fat cells for up to 6 months after your treatment.