Blue and red light therapy (also known simply as light therapy), is a technique used to treat and remove bacteria from the skin. Because light therapy can penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface it can reduce inflammation, improve healing and cure certain skin conditions, like the 12 listed below:

Skin Conditions That Can Be Cured With Light Therapy

  1. Cystic Acne
  2. This is one of the most common skin conditions in the world. Light therapy is able to treat cystic acne by destroying the bacteria that causes it. However, blue and red light therapy are not used to treat hormonal acne, only cystic acne. Studies are currently being conducted to see if light therapy can also destroy acne caused by hormonal imbalances.

  3. Blackheads
  4. These small unsightly bumps are caused by blocked hair follicles. Blue and red light therapy can help unclog our hair follicles and reduce the appearance of blackheads.

  5. Keratosis Pilaris
  6. This skin condition is characterized by tiny, rough red bumps around the hair follicles of the arms, legs, buttocks and cheeks. When light therapy is used in combination with other dermatological therapies it is effective in the treatment of Keratosis Pilaris.

  7. Oily Skin
  8. When our sebaceous gland (a gland that produces oil to lubricate the skin) is overactive it can cause enlarged pores and blackheads. Blue and red light therapy is done to control the sebaceous gland, leading it to produce less oil.

  9. Rosacea
  10. Rosacea is defined by small, dilated blood vessels, eye irritation and tiny cysts. Although Rosacea is incurable, blue light therapy can reduce the symptoms of this skin condition.

  11. Skin cancer
  12. Light therapy can eliminate superficial cancer cells from the skin. It can also be used as a pre-cancer treatment if skin cancer runs in your family.

  13. Eczema
  14. Characterized by an itchy, red, inflammation of the skin, Eczema can be treated through light therapy. Blue and red light therapy can reduce the inflammation and curb the itching.

  15. Melasma
  16. Melasma is a discolouration of the skin that affects mostly pregnant women or women taking hormone replacement therapy treatments. Light therapy can help reduce the discolouration caused by Melasma.

  17. Wrinkles
  18. Although light therapy will not smooth your skin out entirely, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by promoting new cell growth and renewal.

  19. Stretch Marks
  20. As with wrinkles, light therapy cannot remove stretch marks altogether but it is effective in reducing their appearance. Blue and red light therapy can lighten the look of stretch marks and even out the pigmentation, making them less noticeable.

  21. Dark spots
  22. Also known as hyper-pigmentation, dark spots can be treated with light therapy. Blue light therapy can even out the skin’s tone and pigment, virtually removing dark spots completely.

  23. Psoriasis
  24. Psoriasis is an inflammation of the immune system that leads to dry, scaly skin. Light therapy can help reduce the inflammation caused by Psoriasis to create better looking skin.

Blue and red light therapy can provide highly-effective treatment for the aforementioned skin conditions. Please contact us for more information.

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